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Reasons to Buy a House in the Winter


Reasons to Buy a House in the Winter

We’ve all heard that spring and summer is “the” time to buy. Spring and summer months generally have more active listings than in the winter. If you live in an area with real winters, you know- the types with snow on the ground for weeks or even months, then your real estate market probably feels it even more. I can tell you that here in the Northern Idaho/ Coeur d’Alene market that is true! But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good time to buy. Here are five benefits to buying in the winter.

1. Fewer Buyers = Less Competition

A good amount of people hold off during the winter and aren’t willing to move when it’s literally freezing outside. If you can handle it, take advantage of it! Avoid the bidding wars. Less competition means less offers and that makes your offer more appealing.

There won’t be as much inventory available but don’t let that discourage you. You only need to find the one for you. With so many buyers waiting for spring, you’ll still find less competition even with the lower inventory of homes.

2.       Let’s Make a Deal!

Seller could be moving for a new job or …. well, the list of personal reasons to move is endless.  You never know what the seller is dealing with but it’s likely they aren’t loving the idea of a move in the winter either. THIS makes winter a good time to buy because a motivated sellers make deals! And a quick caveat: You’re offer should still be reasonable. You don’t want to offend the seller and start negotiations off on the wrong foot. Work with your real estate agent to build...