Winter in Coeur d'Alene



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The winter blues can get you down like nothing else can. Fortunately for us, we live in one of the most beautiful places with dozens of things to do to keep us busy and in high spirits. Whether inside or outside, in the snow or not in the snow, Coeur d’Alene has something for you.



CDA in the winter doesn’t have to be that different than CDA in the summer. Some of these activities are the same, you may just have to dress differently. For example, Tubbs Hill, one of Coeur d’Alene’s most popular hiking places is just as enjoyable in the cooler months that winter brings. Bundle up, wear boots instead of sandals and go for a hike! Winter views are stunning, especially on a sunny day.

Another staple to winter in north Idaho is sledding on Cherry Hill. The slopes provide fun for children and adults at every level of excitement. When it’s a little too snowy for Tubbs hill, grab your sleds and the kids and head to Cherry hill. The town of CDA is unique in that it actually keeps three streets in town 100% unplowed just for sledding: Boyd Ave, Dollar Street, and Lost Ave.

There are also four ski resorts that are within about 60 miles of town, two of which include night skiing, as well as tubing and one has an impressive indoor waterpark for those of us that like to stay warm. If downhill skiing is a bit to fast you can always give cross country (Nordic) skiing or snowshoeing a shot. 

Many of the locals keep parts of lakes clear for ice skating and hockey.  Fernan Lake near the boat launch is a popular spot to try.

Twin Lakes, Fernan and Avondale Lakes are popular for ice fishing if that’s your cup of tea.

A winter-friendly family favorite of mine is snowmobiling (That's me on the green one). We often park at Bunco Road near Athol and ride to Lakeview, on the backside of Lake Pend Oreille where we enjoy hot dogs over a camp fire with a view. There is also parking at Fourth of July Pass and Fernan Saddle that lead to 350 miles of great day-riding on a snowmobile.



The day after Thanksgiving the Christmas Parade and the Lighting Ceremony take place downtown, and Coeur d’Alene is lit up in the most beautiful way. We are actually the home to America’s tallest living Christmas tree. Simply walking around downtown, slipping in and out of local shops, getting hot chocolate, enjoying the 1.5 million lights that surround the boardwalk can make an average December Wednesday feel as magical as Christmas morning itself. If you’re up for a chilly night, hop on a boat and go see Santa. Seriously, you can go see Santa at the North Pole (the other side of the lake). Put your name on his list and he will read it out for you to hear. Young or old, it’s always nice to hear your name on Santa's nice list.



With Kokanee salmon spawning in the local lakes, winter is packed with over 300 Bald Eagles feasting on the spawning fish. Higgins Point, Mineral Ridge, and Beauty Bay are a few places to spot them from shore. Even if you miss seeing eagles, these sights are worth the hike. You can even go on a cruise out on the lake to view them from the water. This is truly a remarkable thing to witness—a must for both locals and tourists. If you like waterfalls in the summer, you will love them in the winter. In Post Falls, you can walk to the Falls Park and view a waterfall full of ice and snow with an extremely easy and short walk.


In conclusion, whether you embrace winter and all the outdoor activities that it provides, or you prefer to embrace those things from the warmth of indoors and a working heater, Coeur d’Alene has plenty of options for you. From skiing to shopping, hiking to fishing, and sledding to board-walking, this town has more than enough to keep you and your loved ones well entertained this season. I hope that wherever your holiday season takes you this year that you make room in your heart and your schedule for the beautiful little town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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